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Internal inspections downtime consuming your productive days?

Yes, heavy duty equipment must be internally checked at regular intervals, but only if there was a better and quicker way to get it done, right? Enter Volar Alta – the best drone-based inspection service provider in town.


Drones are better in every way.









How do

Volar Alta inspections ensure perfection? 

The traditional options like stick-mounted cameras and crawler robots are not only super-expensive, but also prove to be ineffective especially in confined spaces.

Our fleet of Elios 2 drones come with 4K cameras and thermal sensors to remotely show you valuable insights on the insides of the hardest-to-reach confined spaces.

Dust-proof Drones

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Oblique Lighting

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Fully Autonomous

Group 16@2x.png

Visibility in zero-lumen conditions.

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Volar Alta’s internal equipment services enabled us to cut our scheduled maintenance downtime by 4 days while saving us Rs. 2 Cr in scaffolding costs.”

- Digital Transformation Head of a

  Major Cement Manufacturer

Still looking for more reasons to choose Volar Alta?

Simply select the scope of work, inspection dates, and expected outcomes and leave the entire execution to us. Whether it’s a one-time inspection you are looking for, an emergency one, or the regular recurring inspection AMC, we are right here.

Pocket-friendly deals and complete operational flexibility

Made up your mind to conduct internal inspections using drones? We will get it done in the shortest period, anywhere across India.

Pan-India Execution, Shortest Lead Time,

and Fastest TAT


HD data offers a crystal-clear view of asset health. Drones enable better control in data capture than CCTV or other robotic solutions.

Fully remote and extra accurate visual inspections


Our Elios 2 drones can enter places such as narrow manholes or contaminated areas, where human entry is impossible.

Easily reach those tough spots


Our data analysis team can help you catch anomalies immediately, and can even prepare detailed reports documenting all findings.

See a sample report



Flying for much more

Need inspections, but not of internals or confined spaces? As a one-stop-shop for drone-based inspections, in addition to the Elios 2, we have a large variety of other drones for various applications beyond industrial internal inspections. Tell us what you need, and we promise to deliver

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Frequently Asked questions

Which drone do you use for internal equipment inspections?

We use the Elios 2, currently the world’s most advanced tool for this purpose.

Which drone do you use for confined spaces inspections?

We use the Elios 2, currently the world’s most advanced tool for this purpose.

Can your drone operate in the dark?

Yes, the drone has 4K optical camera, radiometric camera, and oblique and dust-proof lighting.

What are the applicable regulations?

Internal inspections do not necessitate any special permits.

What are your prices?

We charge a flat fee per equipment, with discounts for recurring inspection AMCs.

What other work do you do?

We conduct inspections of all other external assets, and undertake other drone-based activities like land surveying, security monitoring etc. Go here to view all our services.

Where can I get more information?

Talk to us here.

Is it safe to use drones for confined spaces and/or internal inspections?

Yes, industry leaders around the world are benefiting from integration of drone-based inspection services in their R&M operations.

Do you sell drones?

We provide inspection services using drones. This enables you to save on otherwise heavy capex, while enabling you to enjoy the benefits of the critical inspection services offered by our drones.


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