Our Services

For ease of operations, we have divided our services into three broad categories. If you happen to have a fourth one you need our assistance with, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Industrial Inspections

The main part of what we do is conduct fail-proof inspections in various industries. Be it Renewable energy sector, the Oil and Gas Industry, or the traditional manufacturing plants, getting accurate inspections is a part and parcel of smooth functioning. We have broadly touched 9 industries where our focused expertise lies. You can browse through each one to know the sensors we use, probable applications and approximate inspection timelines.


Security & Surveillance

We can safely state that the most meaningful part of our Drones journey is when we get to help perfect security and surveillance services for government bodies or private industries. Drones provide real-time insight into emergency situations giving the concerned party better control, accurate information and better awareness of the situation

at hand.

Here are a few of the probable applications of Drones in the surveillance sector:

Live Video HD Feed

Autonomous Flights and Co-ordinated Fleets 

Live-stream from Hard-to-Reach locations 

Track and Follow 

Hostile Situations and Emergency Response 

Traffic, Crowd Management and Monitoring

Scheduled Patrols

Drone based Public Announcements


Marketing & Films

Who says Drones are always serious? Drones also create beautiful films for you to market your brand, make a walkthrough video of your industry, or simply make a mind-blowing attractive film on special occasions and events. Whatever it is that you want to capture, Drones help do it precisely, with high quality and while ensuring none of the bustle goes uncaptured. What else would you need to make your film more special? Did you say Light Shows? Well yes, our Drones have them covered too. Just about THE perfect setup for creating memorable events!