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Guide to Choosing Most Efficient Drone Inspection Service for Your Business

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Today more and more businesses agree that drone inspections are a cost-effective, safe and steadfast solution for internal and external inspections.

Best Drone Inspection Company India

They offer a bird’s eye view of an asset for identifying potential hazards, structural damage or other maintenance issues that might be missed during manual inspections. Industries such as cement, chemical, renewable energy, oil and gas can opt for drone-based internal inspections.

Aerial inspections are more efficient than the traditional ways of inspections due to their rich benefits such as automation, security, reduced cost and downtime, increased productivity, fast critical asset management, incident reporting, quick action planning and overall efficiency of operations.

Drones are also used for field inspections to detect potential vulnerabilities or environmental concerns. The assessment is done quickly and efficiently without risking safety and quality.

A drone service provider like Volar Alta, provides a way for the company to maintain its reputation by identifying issues before they become a major threat. Service providers with supporting advanced software can provide actionable data to clients to improve processes on time and analyse trends.

Factors to Consider for Selecting the Most Efficient Drone Inspection Service:

As drone inspection technology becomes more accessible, companies will have to look for a reliable and technologically advanced service provider who shares the same vision.

While choosing the most efficient drone inspection service for your business, there are a few things you can consider:

1. Well-Equipped with Latest Tech Advancements

Internal and field inspections can be pretty challenging due to inevitable extremities. Hence, drones must be technologically sound for conducting inspections with optimal safety and fewer hassles. Likewise, the drone should be dust-proof and splash-proof for handling internal inspections to avoid any kind of damage and glitches.

Elios 3 by Flyability

Industrial Drone Inpection Company India

An excellent navigation system is also a must-have feature, enabling the drone to reach even the narrower areas easily. Apart from it, the drones should comprise top-notch lenses, premium-quality sensors, an unswerving radiometric system, and an incredible resolution. Such features can detect the slightest erratic drone movement and instructs the pilot to look into the issue and resolve it. As an outcome, the drone will fly tranquilly in the air despite challenging circumstances such as dusty or windy environments and indoor areas with little or no visibility.

2. Collision-Resilient Robust Design

Drones are required to perform efficiently, irrespective of the surrounding conditions. There is always a risk of unavoidable collisions, specifically during internal or confined space inspections. A drone with collision-resistant and a heavy-duty design tackles the sudden impacts without compromising or interrupting the inspection. Moreover, it also helps the drone fly at a steady pace without any turbulence. Volar Alta uses the highly efficient Elios 2 to conduct all internal inspections.

3. Efficient, Skilled, and Certified Pilots

Mastering the art of drone inspection service requires sweat on one's brow. This skill involves technical acumen alongside sharp intelligence for handling the application of drones. Hence, always ensure that the drone service provider has professional pilots with the necessary expertise to fly the drones over or in intricate spaces.

A qualified and experienced pilot can overcome the hindrances amid unfavourable weather conditions or complicated inspections. What is most vital is that drone pilots must evaluate and determine the degree of internal or external risks associated with the inspection, and be skilled enough to make the right decisions in case of emergency.

4. Flawless Data Collection System with Accurate Reports

Once the inspection is completed, the collected data is utilized to make further decisions for the maintenance and overall betterment of the business. However, it is not feasible for non-specialists to interpret the assimilated inspection data and derive any conclusion from it. That is why the drone inspection service company should conduct inspections and provide insightful and comprehensive reports based on the data gathered during the assessment.

The detailed analytical data report is of greater significance for businesses as it assists them in making valuable amendments or advancements in inspection sites for superior productivity.

Volar Alta, for instance, always shares inspection results and suggestions for the client in great detail so that the client knows everything about corrective measures in advance. The workers can then enter the confined space to tackle specific problems.

5. Extensive Bandwidth for Repetitive Inspections

The drone inspections are needed to be carried out frequently after a specific interval to generate better results. To facilitate it, the drone inspection service provider in India should have the required bandwidth and resources for repetitive inspections. Otherwise, the businesses will have to change their service provider and look for a new one, which can be a time-consuming and costly affair.

6. 3D Live Mapping

Some places can be difficult to inspect, and directing the drone backwards can be more arduous. The 3D live map enables the pilot to see where the drone is and where it is within a particular object. Eventually, it helps the pilot find the way back and access the inspection analysis. The Flyability’s Elios 3 is one such drone that comes equipped with this particular feature.

7. Prior Experience in Conducting Site Inspections

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Before choosing the drone surveying company, look for their past projects or experience in a field similar to yours. It will make it easier for you to determine whether the company will suffice the requirements or not. Assess the latest aerial inspections or drone surveys accomplished by the company to evaluate their expertise, dependability, and service limitations, if any. Always look for at least one or two case studies to understand what kind of problems and challenges they are good at solving.

8. Affordability

Drone Inspection Cost India

Assess the drone inspection service cost quoted by the company and look for the benefits and value you will get from it. Some companies charge a fixed price, whereas some would charge based on the time taken for the complete inspection.


Choosing the best drone inspection company can be a daunting task. You can shortlist the top 3 drone companies in India to find the right one for your business. Look for the company that offers the best-in-class services you need for your business with quality assurance and credibility.

Always ensure that the service provider you choose is flexible and customizes services as per your needs and goals. For any inquiries about Volar Alta’s services, you can contact

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