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Deploying Drones Against The Invisible Enemy Called COVID-19

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

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To limit the exposure of first responders, drones have become the go-to-person in this pandemic. Here are 5 ways drones can help us steer through difficult times:

1. Surveillance & Enforcement of Lockdown: 
Municipal authorities are using drones to monitor people’s movement and break up social gatherings that could pose a risk to society. The introduction of drones at this time of crisis is reducing the risk of police officials and other staff from getting infected since it enables monitoring vast swathe of area without physical engagement. Police have used drones to enforce lockdowns in countries such as China, Italy, France, Spain, the USA and India to enforce social distancing and monitor its lockdown.
2. Broadcast 
In addition to street surveillance, authorities are also using drones to broadcast messages and information about lockdown measures, especially in rural areas that lack open communication channels for health information. 

Drones equipped with loudspeakers can be used to make public announcements to keep people indoors
3. Spraying Disinfectant 
To disinfect public spaces and prevent the further spread of COVID-19, health authorities could deploying agriculture spray drones to carry out tasks like spraying disinfectants in potentially affected areas. These spraying drones are filled with disinfectants and can cover much more ground in less time and 50 times faster than traditional methods.
4. Temperature Check
Authorities could use drones mounted with infrared sensors to measure temperature of people remotely and avoid face-to-face contact. Drones can enable to carry out large scale remote temperature monitoring and thus save time and limit exposure to healthcare and other staff
5. Medicine & Grocery Deliveries 
Doctors and hospitals need medical supplies and laboratory testing now more than ever, and drones are the safest and fastest ways to deliver medical supplies and transport samples from hospitals to laboratories. 

Written By - Niharika Kolte

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