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Volar Alta was invited to the International Women's Week at Ottawa!

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Experience Women Driving the Smart Mobility Revolution, a Global Virtual International Women's Week Event (#IWW).

Our founder, Niharika, was invited by Area X.O operated by Invest Ottawa and Women in Automotive Technology (WAT) Silicon Valley, for an exciting chat.

On the occasion of Virtual International Women's week event, hear directly from award-winning founders, innovators and industry executives driving the safe, secure and impactful development and adoption of smart mobility solutions to improve our world.

They are top self-driving car, AI, drone, cybersecurity and advanced robotics experts. Gain inspiration and actionable insight from leaders who are:

  • Pioneering groundbreaking smart mobility innovation, R&D, policy and technology adoption

  • Conquering global markets, attracting investment and leading the world in smart mobility

  • Driving diversity, inclusion and equity in tech by empowering women leaders from every walk of life.

Meet the Speakers :

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