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Volar Alta at CES, 2023

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Watch our founder Niharika Kolte Alekar talk about her journey of starting up, finding a niche in the drone industry, and addressing some critical challenges regarding safety & regulations in the advanced air mobility space.

Here's a quick summary :

One of the most significant issues for the drone market across the globe is the heavy reliance on imported parts. This has caused a lack of access to better-quality components, higher-priced components, and limited research and development. I talked about how the Government of India (GoI) has dedicated INR 120 Crs through a PLI scheme to confront this challenge by promoting the local production of drones and their components - a step towards achieving Hon. PM Narendra Modi ji's vision to make India the global drone hub by 2030.

Another prominent issue discussed was the need for techno-commercially viable solutions in the drone industry emphasizing the importance of standardization of designs, protocols & regulations, autonomous operations, and unit economics. As the sector continues to expand, having the proper infrastructure in place is essential for safe, secure, and efficient operations.

Also, her co-panelist Fiona Lake spoke about the need for an inclusive and diverse drone industry, which is paramount for its growth and success. This was the perfect opportunity for me to proudly highlight the incredible progress India is making with regard to cultivating start-up talent and encouraging women entrepreneurs through incubation/acceleration programs and funding schemes.

Grateful to Bronwyn Morgan for being such a good host & giving our founder the opportunity to talk about India’s contribution to the drone space.

Volar Alta


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